Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Lahr Kaserne Today and a Look at the PMQs

Many changes have taken place in Lahr since the Canadians departed in 1993 and 1994, none more than at the former Kaserne.  This is where we Canadians and other authorized workers did our shopping, curling, bowling and swimming.  Our kids went to school at the Kaserne, we borrowed books from the library and bought books and magazines at the Stars and Stripes bookstore.  We worked out at the gymnasium (or should have!) afrer we'd had lunch or supper at the Kaserne restaurant.  We also visited the dentist from time to time, not the most favourite of destinations on our list.
Many facilities were also available at the Flugplatz or, as we called it, the Airport. The Kaserne, however, was really the centre for our leisure hours as that is where families went together to do their main shopping for groceries and clothing.

The picture above shows the same entrance as in Canadian days, but it now leads to a new community, with the former CYC (Canadian Youth Centre) on the left. The entrance gate is now long gone as is the guard house. On the right of that picture is the former Brigade Headquarters building, K1.

I have had emails requesting information about former PMQ areas and about what is happening here now at the Kaserne. The pictures will tell some of the story so you can see for yourselves. It is difficult now to know exactly where everything was located as there are no landmarks left. Some of the older buildings are still there but no longer are they numbered as in the past. I can tell you in which part of the old Kaserne these buildings are located, but that is about all I can do.  So now, on with the pictures.

At left, a corner of K1 along with a smaller building on the left (not sure of its number) and K4, former Canadian Forces Headquarters Europe, at the rear.

The buildings at the former Kaserne have either been totally renovated from inside out and turned into apartment buildings or have been torn down to make way for new housing.  Those on the left were renovated. 

The Fliegerhof, below right, saw many air crew coming and going over the years.  It has many stories to tell from those days.  It is now an academy. 

The CYC, below left,  was renovated and kept as it was.  It has a small gallery in one section of it.  It is now owned by a business man. 

The picture at right below shows the present buildings on the street across from the Kaserne and K1.  The Fliegerhof is just to the right of the buildings.  The yellow building is the former K3 and the only building along the back wall to have survived.  The road around the Kaserne passed behind it.  The others have been torn down, including K6, the library building.

The following picture at left is the former K4, HQ CFE.  It is still under renovation. That is where the Commander CFE was located and also Log Branch, Hans' work place.  The yellow building seen above was situated next to it as shown below on the right.  The former parade square is now a parking area.

The following pictures show some of the buildings that were renovated and are now apartment buildings.  That will include the former schools. 
The two pictures below are two views of the same building. 

The red and beige apartment house and the row of buildings are directly on the main street driving through from the back entrance to the front entrance.

More renovated apartment buildings towards the back entrance of the community.  The two below are of the same building, front and back.  This building faces the main street.  The white building is near the back entrance. 

The picture below left shows a view of the main street heading towards the back entrance.  New buildings are being erected on the other side of the main street, as well as a new access road off it with more building going on. 

The picture underneath gives a view of the back entrance to the community as one drives down from the Langenhard. The entrance was changed from its original location near the Canadian hospital.

The Feuerwehrstrasse is the road that passes behind the former Kaserne, bringing you to the small access road in front of the former Officer's Mess.

This is a view of the crossroads with the road in the forefront the back entrance leading out of the former Kaserne.  Straight ahead takes you to the former Officer's Mess or the Langenhard.  Left takes you to the former Canadian hospital and the street going through Lahr to Kubach. Going right takes you behind the Kaserne, past the complex and towards the back road to and from the Kaserne.

The houses below are directly across from the former Officer's Mess property, facing the lawns.  Building is still going on to the right along the street heading towards the former Canadian Forces Hospital Europe (now a heart clinic).

The following pictures are of some of the former PMQs.  There were many PMQ areas scattered throughout Lahr.  I was not acquainted with the following area, but it is off the "back road" to the Kaserne and not far from it.  It is, I believe, either Area 8 or 9.  Perhaps it has always been a German apartment complex.  I'm sure some of you will know and will recognize some landmarks.

The view below shows the back road to the former Kaserne. The PMQs were off to the right along this road.
The following picture is the corner facing the complex with what I believe might have been one of the PMQ buildings on the left forefront.
The pictures below showcase some of the buildings in the complex.

The last pictures are of former Area 2 near the Lahr Krankenhaus.  The first two pictures show the building where good friends of mine, Jerry and Peggy Edwardson, lived during the mid 1970s.  Jerry was the CO of 5AMU at that time.  This street leads to the Krankenhaus.  

The buildings below are around the corner on the other side of Area 2.

The beautiful building below, said to be the largest building in Lahr, is a school where our friend Hans Schlager works.  He was the technical translator for Log Branch for several years and later the translator for Brigade HQ.  This building is just above--and facing--Area 2.  I'm sure all of you who lived in that area or drove to the Krankenhaus will remember it.

For other pictures of PMQs you can go to my blog post of July 23, 2010.  If you wish to see pictures of the Flugplatz, go to my post of July 18, 2010.  March 29, 2011 has pictures of the former Senior NCO Mess.  Canadians who had remained here received an invitation from the new owners to enjoy the final TGIF before the buildings were demolished.  That area is now a small business area with new buildings being erected.  Go to my Blog Archive (shown on the left side of the page) and click on 2010 or 2011.  You will see a list there of all my posts.

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