Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chicken Night at the Gasthaus Linde


A few  days after the official ending of the German-Canadian Lahr reunion, I went to the Gasthaus Linde in Wallburg for my usual weekly visit there.  Waltraud, the Wirtin, mentioned that several Canadians had been there already in the past few days, one of whom had been Harry Rideout from Ottawa, one of the organizers for the reunion.  He and his wife Ellie had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary there with close friends a few days earlier.  This shows how much they loved the chicken at the Linde.

On the night I was there, and shortly after talking with Waltraud, several Canadian women and a gentleman came in.  Waltraud pointed them out to me and me to them.  They invited me to join them.  Most had been in the military and one or two of them still were in the Canadian Forces.  All had flown over for the reunion other than the Canadian gentleman who lives and works here in Germany.


After all that chicken and pommes frites and salad, it was time for a digestive:

 Checking the label on the bottle of Underberg and then, chug-a-lug and down the hatch it goes.

A couple of days later, on Saturday evening, there I was again, having more chicken.  This time, I had organized the evening for a small group of Canadians that we had known for some time, all having flown over from Canada for the reunion.  First, though, we invited them to the house for drinks before going to the Gasthaus Linde.

We just put out some fresh strawberries and nuts as we knew we should not eat too much before dinner.  Here we are at home with our guests:

We all then headed for the Gasthaus, some of whom remembered it well and certainly looked forward to the meal there. Our table was set up when we arrived at the Linde and all of us except Hans ordered chicken.  Anna ordered hers in the basket (Hänchen im Korb). You get the same amount of chicken and pommes frites along with a plate on the side to use if wished.  It is just a different way of serving it.


Before the meal, with Waltraud taking orders for food and drinks and everyone getting cameras ready.

Prost!  All ready to enjoy dinner

Pleasant memories for us all! 
Prosit and good eating!