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Along Saint George Street in Historic Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal is a tranquil town.  In summer, tourists are everywhere, but all seem to take their time as they stroll along the streets, stop at the cafes, meander through the Historic Gardens and over the fields of Fort Anne.  As the picture below shows, more than humans enjoy the outing.

One of the delightful walks is along the boardwalk at the edge of the river.  It begins at the wharf and continues past the lighthouse just behind Saint George Street.  At noon hour you might see someone sitting on a bench reading a book and having some lunch.  Or you might decide to do that yourself.

The lighthouse was built in 1889.  The picture on the right shows the lighthouse from the front, which faces Saint George Street.

Along the boardwalk, a colourful duo from Munich, Germany

Below right, a couple of girls relaxing beside the water

The first Court of Common Law was administered in Annapolis Royal in 1721.  The first Masonic Lodge in Canada was established there in 1738.  The town hall, on Saint George at the edge of Fort Anne, was built in 1922 to replace the one that burned in the fire of 1921.

The Town Hall is shown below

Both the library and the police station are in the Town Hall building

As you walk along Saint George from one end to the other, it might be difficult to decide which cafe to enter as they are located here and there on both sides of the street.  Here are a few signs to watch for and a couple of the cafes.

The Fort Anne Cafe on the left is a pleasant spot.  I stopped in at the Country Nook where I had a lobster sandwich. 

The pictures below advertise the German bakery and its cafe

The next three pictures depict the Austrian Cafe.  It is near the light house on the water side.

The one below shows my sister Carol at the back, where we sat to have lunch that day

Two views from the outside patio, the wharf in the background of the one on the right

Leo's Cafe is below.  It  is in the centre of town and is now up for sale. 

Cars often drive more slowly than usual through town due to some of the magnificent homes and inns that grace Saint George Street. 

Here are several of the inns, a few of which have restaurants, most offering bed and breakfast.  The Victorian Inn, Bread and Roses, circa 1876, is another, though without a picture.

Below, the Queen Anne Inn, circa 1875

                                    The Carriage House, below

Below, the Hillsdale Inn, circa 1859

 Below, the Garrison Inn & Restaurant

Three lovely homes are pictured below.  There are many others throughout the town.  The one directly below is the oldest wooden house in Canada.  It was rebuilt in 1708 on the original foundation.  (The original was built in 1693.)

The Runciman House, circa 1817, is one of my favourites.  It is owned by Heritage Canada, a gift from the Runciman family.

This house belongs to a German family who have their bakery and cafe inside

The house below is not in Annapolis Royal, but in Granville Ferry enroute Port Royal, across the river.  It faces Annapolis Royal.

Just outside Annapolis Royal, heading west towards Digby on highway 1, you will find a golf course and pub, the latter operated by an English couple.

As you enter Annapolis Royal from the east on highway 1, you will be greeted by the only tidal generating station in North America.  It was opened in 1984.  This station harnesses the tidal difference created by the large tides in the Annapolis Basin, a sub basin of the Bay of Fundy.

A view of each side of the tidal station, both water locations separated by a causeway and the station

The causeway

In winter, the sidewalks are pretty much rolled up, although there is an active playhouse group and community social life.  Throughout the summer months you can enjoy some great live performances at King's Theatre.  The present building was built in 1920 by A.M. King.  It took the place of the Bijou Dream Theatre--built in 1892--which burned in the great fire of 1921.  Next to King's Theatre is the book store and leather shop, where you can buy various books about the area and a leather jacket if so desired.  They are located near the wharf and market. 

The book store and theatre buildings do not lean as the pictures portray.  I took them at an angle.

Of interest, the oldest English graveyard in Canada is found in Annapolis Royal, with the oldest stone from 1720.  A graveyard tour by night and candlelight takes place throughout the summer season (into October)..

Visiting Annapolis Royal is a visit to Canada's historic past.  Take a side-trip to Port Royal, the first settlement on the other side of the Annapolis River and feel the history of it all.  This is really where Canada began, though it was about two hundred and fifty more years before it became a country in 1867.

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  1. Thank you for posting these photos of Annapolis Royal. I've just returned from a vacation that included a short visit in this charming town. I completely fell in love with Nova Scotia, and these photos bring back very fond memories. I hope to return soon.