Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Celebration to Remember

My three sisters: Anne, Paula and Carol
The greatest celebration of the summer was for me and it was a total surprise.  My sisters got together and planned a pre-birthday bash for a big one of mine coming up in March 2015.  As they won't get over to Germany, Paula, Anne and Carol decided to celebrate it with me ahead of time in Nova Scotia. 
Anne and I

Of course, it wasn't a traditional celebration as none of them ever are when we all get together.  The theme was a look back at my life.
Carol, inviting me to the celebration!
The three of them laughed for days as they were getting ready for the party.  Keeping it from me was no easy task.  They went right back to my school days when I was a majorettte in the Dartmouth Youth Band and a cheerleader during my high school days.  They also took into account former boyfriends and my Scottish ancestry.  And, of course, Prince Edward Island, the province of my birth, by showcasing Anne of Green Gables, the story by Lucy Maud Montgomery, one known around the world.  They didn't forget my country of residence, Germany, either.
Anne as the MC and announcing the program to follow
The program

The majorette, the flag bearer, the drummer and the Scottish piper!



As a young child, Anne could not always find her way around; below, it looks like she still can't!  Paula is trying out her bagpipe.

The costumes they came up with were worth all the effort.  Paula spent hours making her Scottish outfit and helping with the rest of them.  Friends, Jean and John, joined in.  Unbeknownst to me, they had even contacted my first high school days boyfriend, who lives in Ontario, and set up a time for him to phone me during the celebration.  The one absent was Hans, who was in Germany, but he certainly had heard all about it and before I did.  All the same, he was missed.

The following pictures tell the story.

The house below is where I grew up in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  The cushion was part of the celebration.  Right below, Paula in her Scottish dress along with Carol.  Below centre, the four strutting to their own drummer!




This is one of my favourites:  Anne, Paula and Stephen (who was impossible to recognize)

Picture below left:  An ode to my very first teen and junior high school boyfriend with the windmill hat.  Paula has never forgotten Ralph who would stand outside our house in Dartmouth and whistle for me. Carol remembers that as well.  He wore a beanie with a windmill on it.  Laurie is doing the honours on this day.
On the right is John wearing a Bavarian hat with all the various German pins and a feather.

Jean representing Anne of Green Gables and my Prince Edward Island province of birth.

John surprised everyone as he hadn't told them that he had this in mind.  The hula skirt represents a cheerleader (at least, that is what I think!). 

The two pictures following I especially like.

The gang who made my day!  John took the picture.
That was the end of the program, with BJ taking up the tail end

The festivities were not yet over though.  Food and cake and wine were still to come.  John made the cake, one of his specialties.  Superb!


It will be difficult to top this unique day.  This was a day to remember for me and for all of us.
All I can say is thank you and what a wonderful celebration it was!

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