Monday, February 11, 2013

Former Canadian Military Kaserne in Lahr in 1994

I have previously posted on my blog many pictures of the Kaserne as it is today.  It is still changing with many new houses completed since last early summer.  This time, though, I am posting pictures of the Kaserne as it was in 1994 before the buildings were torn down or changed and almost before the weeds started to grow.  I took these not long after Canadian Forces Base Lahr closed officially.

The Curling Club building is now long gone.


Along the main street


Canex Area Below

The picture below is from the newspaper in 1993.  Gate guard checking cars. 

I can no longer remember what the buildings were in many of the pictures .  Some of you will.  The picture directly below is of the former Brigade HQ on the right and on the left, the building which had AJAG and the Command Surgeon.

Some areas were closed off in 1994 as you can see.


This is the street leading to the back gate of the Kaserne
And who could forget the gas coupons?
My next blog post will have pictures of the Black Forest Officers' Mess Closure events and a few other events during the summers of 1993 and 1994.


  1. Love seeing pictures of Lahr. I was only a small child when my father was posted to Germany, but I still have many memories. I have vivid memories of driving through the base gate. My sister was born in 1981 and we returned to Canada in 1982 when I was 7. I am sad to think that the base is gone. Glad to have been able to live in Lahr and have memories to last a lifetime.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for trip down memory lane. Although I can recognize little of it specifically, at the same time, it all looks familiar.Picture no. 6 ,above your comment about not recognizing buildings, the one with the wood shelter with the sloped roof, used to be a summer canteen in the early 90's. The buildings directly behind it in the same picture -- on the left, barely visible, is the building that used to have the library and video store. The building on the right in the same picture was Lahr Senior School (or Lahr School in '93-94).

  3. I also think picture 13, the building with triangular sloped roof, was the arena.