Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Digby is More Than Motorcycles: The Town, Sea and Food Booths

The Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia is, of course, all about motorcycles and those who own and drive them.  But it also means food and the sea.

Digby is a small town of about 2,150 residents at the edge of the Annapolis Basin with the Bay of Fundy, that ice-cold deep water, just beyond.  Its main industries are fishing and tourism.  The fishing fleet brings in those renowned scallops that can be found around the world.  In Digby, of course, they are found on nearly every restaurant menu.

My sister Paula's scallop dinner at home was superb.

As I always do when in Digby, I headed to the wharf.  Here, the scallop fishing fleet is at home and that day most seemed to be in port.  A yacht club with many privately-owned boats is also at home there.

A few of the fishing boats

The Yacht Club at the waterfront



Don't forget the fantastic lobster.  They also come out of this cold Bay of Fundy water. 

After walking through the crowds of people and gazing at hundreds of motorcycles, it was time to look around town.  I had stopped briefly for a bite to eat first at one of the many food booths on the main street overlooking the waterfront.  All were busy.  Fish and chips was a popular offering.  

I also went into the Farmers' Market, small but pleasant and in the centre of town near the waterfront.


At noon hour everyone was looking for some food and drink.  I had eaten my hot dog at this booth below, although I sat on a bench to have it and didn't have any of the beer shown.
A few booths along the street beside the waterfront



As I was heading back to the centre of town along the waterfront I passed a couple of B&Bs or Pensions.  Both face the water.  Neither had a vacancy.

A young entrepreneur
A little music for the passersby
By now I was ready to get off my feet.  It had been two and a half hours of enjoying the atmosphere of the Wharf Rat Rally and all that comprised it.  I had watched some trick motorcycle riding, had had a bite to eat and had jostled with the thousands who were there.  It was time to go. 
One last picture:  The Digby Pines Hotel and Golf Resort, built in 1929, overlooks the Annapolis Basin and the Bay of Fundy.  It is just outside town.  It's a wonderful place to go on a warm summer's day for refreshment or to stay overnight.  We have enjoyed dinner in their restaurant. 

For anyone considering visiting Digby, the town is also a port.  This is where one can take a car ferry to Saint John, New Brunswick or back from there to Digby.  We have taken this ferry.  On a stormy day, the crossing can be a little rough.  On a calm  day, however, it is relaxing and enjoyable on board the ship and means five hours less driving to New Brunswick and beyond or from there to Nova Scotia. 

One of the big weekends during the summer is the Digby Scallop Days festival.  Check for that and the boat schedule on the internet.  Just type in Digby, Nova Scotia and you should find it all.

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