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Lahr, Germany's Chrysanthemum Days

The Chrysanthemum Festival began on Saturday, the 26th of October.  The closing day was Sunday, the 10th of November.  Here are a few of the sights and flowers in the centre of the city. 
Beautiful old buildings on the Marktplatz and just behind it

For several years Lahr has showcased their now traditional Chrysanthema Tagen.  Thousands of people from all over Germany and elsewhere arrive in the city to view the splendour.  That means buses everywhere and parking for the rest of us difficult.  I hadn't visited this special event for about three years, mostly because of the parking problems but also because of the traffic congestion and ongoing construction in the heart of the city.  It was a beautiful late October day so I picked a time when I thought I might find a space and I was in luck.  I found free parking for one and a half hours so I had to make the most of it. 
The Storchenturm dates back to about 1220.  The tower was built by the Geroldseckers, one of several that the family built in the region during the mid 13th century.

An inside view at left and one from the outside of the tower on the right.

The tower and adjacent wall is what is left of the former castle that was in the centre of medieval Lahr.

The original well inside the tower area

Lahr is losing much of its German character and culture as there are now thousands of new residents from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.  As well, the inner city has had ongoing street construction for a couple of years.  Many things haven't changed in Lahr, of course, and that includes the Stadtpark, the Marktplatz and the Marktstrasse--although stores have come and gone and continue to do so.  Last spring I wrote a blog showcasing the Stadtpark.  Today, Lahr Stadtmitte--the old city centre--with its fall colours is the theme.
Below, the Gasthaus Rebstock on the Marktstrasse.   It faces the Stork Tower.  It is one of only a few German Gasthäuser left in Lahr.

The Marktplatz

Always food for a snack available

Along the Marktstrasse and byways

Below, Tschibo coffee shop in the background

The bookstore

Along the market street under the archway

Graf eye glass specialist on the left (white awnings) where many Canadians bought their glasses

A riot of colour

This is a view of the Marktstrasse from the Old Rathaus.
Musicians were playing beautiful music on a flute, guitar and accordion 

The former Rathaus
Lahr's old City Hall stands across from the Marktstrasse on the Kaiserstrasse.
The new Rathaus is in another location and near the Marktstrasse's lower end.

Along the Kaiserstrasse
The view below shows the Old Rathaus in the distance

The archway under the Old Rathaus
Fussball, as they call it in Germany, and soccer in North America:  a "Player"in flowers

The Lammstrasse is directly off the Kaiserstrasse.

Our family lived on the near side of the Lamm Apotheke during the first year after we moved to Lahr in 1974.  We were on the corner of Lammstrasse and the Kaiserstrasse.  The Lammstrasse winds back to the Marktplatz.

The Wirtschaft-Lamm (Gasthaus) is located just beyond the drugstore above.  It is still in business and although not now German-run, German cuisine is still served.

 Two pictures of familiar Lahr buildings 
The Badische Zeitung is one of the German newspapers in Baden-Württemberg
The Löwen Gasthaus was the finest restaurant in Lahr until the chef/owner Herr Dauzenroth and his wife retired.  Many Canadians spent their last few days in Germany in the hotel before returning to Canada.  We were one of those families who stayed there in 1977 before leaving for our posting to Winnipeg.  The Gasthaus reopened recently under new management. The beautiful rustic and conservative interior has been completely gutted and replaced with a modern decor emitting a cold atmosphere, although their present clientele seems to enjoy it.

This is a view from the Löwen (left forefront) towards the Kaiserstrasse and the Marktstrasse.  The side of the old Rathaus can be seen at the right.

 Although this last picture has nothing to do with chrysanthemums, it has a lot to do with any festival.  The ferris wheel was located just off the Marktstrasse for the two-week flower display. 

 Note:  It is longer than usual between my last blog post and this one.  I returned from Nova Scotia about six weeks ago.  I suffered from jet lag for longer than usual as it lasted a week.  We also had visitors from Canada, beginning the day I got back.  All stayed at a Gasthaus, but we entertained and were out sightseeing, eating and drinking at our usual Gasthaus locales.  I will be writing about my summer in Nova Scotia and our fall here in Germany, including the food and wine, of course.  Until then, enjoy the late autumn days.   

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  1. Brings back Memories I used to work right next door to the old Rathause.
    The Place was called TENNE BAR I was the DJ there from 68'to 72'
    don't know if the place still exists.